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We treat water

We design, manufacture & install industry leading solutions for treating and upgrading contaminated water, be it sewerage, industrial/process water, or surface & drinking water.

Water covers 71% of our planet. However, access to clean, safe and cost-effective water, all crucial for leading a healthy and dignified life, can no longer be taken for granted because populations are growing and resources dwindling. To contextualise less than 1% on all water on Earth is available as groundwater and surface water suitable for human consumption. The remainder is either salt water (97%) or is locked up in ice (2%).


We treat water

The purpose of water treatment is to remove contaminants present in the water or reduce the concentration of such contaminants to make the water fit for its desired end-use. We specialise in treating domestic black & grey water, industrial & process water, and water for human consumption from groundwater & surface water sources.

Property Developers
Talk to us about our best value CAPEX and low OPEX sewage treatment plant that delivers treated effluent well within local discharge specifications with reliable operations.