Our SELECT SBR sewerage treatment plants for individual homes and small communities create the perfect environment for natural microbes to breakdown organic matter and pollutants typically found in sewage water. This breakdown of organic matter produces water that is safe for discharge to the environment and for irrigation purposes.

SELECT SBR for households & communities


  • SMART SBR plants are designed with our in-depth knowledge and experience in sewage treatment systems and according to the need improve treatment standards to protect the environment from water pollution.
  • Our design allows long sludge removal intervals, a major benefit for households.
  • The treated sewage water is easily upgraded for safe garden irrigation use.


  • Very low operating cost
  • Low power, energy efficient
  • Easy operation, no regular operator needed
  • Low maintenance as we avoid using complex electro mechanical components and pumps that can get clogged
  • Extremely high operational safety
  • Robust construction
  • No use of chemicals
  • No odours
  • Silent operation
  • Can be retrofitted to work with existing septic / conservancy tanks
  • Remote monitoring service

EcoSave – switches automatically to EcoSave mode when no sewage flows into the collection tank within a treatment period. EcoSave is important for keeping the bacteria alive while saving energy.

SELECT SBR for Developers & Property Owners

  • Designed to be capital efficient – high cost benefit, best value. 
  • Robust and uncomplicated installation.
  • Basic maintenance – no skilled labour required.
  • Highly automated system – no skilled operator required.
  • Remote monitoring – maintenance team support.
  • Energy efficient system – eco friendly.
  • Recycle water – discharge suitable for irrigation (income generating service.)
  • Comprehensive O&M contracts offered.

SELECT SBR treatment plants are designed to achieve the highest treatment values with the least use of electro-mechanical equipment. This robust design approach and a high level of automation is not only a major benefit for Developers and Property Owners from a maintenance and operational point of view, but also from a reliability one. The technology is sophisticated, time-tested and easy to manage without the need for a skilled operator. SELECT SBR treatment plants is an ideal solution if you are looking for cost-effective and trouble-free operation backed up by remote support.


Containerised Transportable Sewage Treatment System


  • Proven & efficient SBR technology
  • Pre-assembled & tested
  • Plug and play with minimal set-up
  • Simple, easy operation
  • No unpleasant odours
  • Low maintenance
  • Easily secured and mobile
  • Advanced corrosion protection
  • Modular design, expandable


  • Work camps – oil & gas, mining
  • Construction sites
  • Refugee camps
  • Military camps
  • Offshore facilities
  • Game reserves & caravan parks
  • Can be installed in restricted space conditions

SELECT MBR for Municipalities


Municipal sewage treatment plants are fairly large outdoor facilities that have to deal with many challenges;

  • Cost to build new upgrade plants
  • Land availability & environmental permissions for new plants
  • Hydraulic overloading due to population growth
  • Organic / nutrient overloading from lifestyle changes and increased industrial waste entering the system
  • Higher discharge standards and increased oversite

iMBR for upgrading municipal treatment works